Fatigue / Energy

We all suffer from tiredness, fatigue and a lack of energy from time to time. Just a few simple lifestyle changes can help restore your vitality.

Boost energy and beat fatigue

We all have days when we feel physically tired, mentally exhausted and generally lack the motivation to face whatever life throws at us.
The collective term for this overall lack of energy is fatigue, which, if left untreated, can have a negative impact on many areas of our lives, from work and leisure to relationships with family and friends.

The causes of fatigue can be psychological, physiological, and physical. Overworking or stress, for example, can take a heavy toll on our mental wellbeing, while too much exertion can leave us feeling physically exhausted. And when some of our normal body systems are not functioning as they should, this can have a physiological effect.

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What is fatigue? 

Fatigue is a common complaint, especially as we get older and find we have less energy to tackle the things we used to do with ease.
If you are generally feeling tired, run down and have low energy, you could be suffering from fatigue.

While it’s not usually a problem if you only feel this way from time to time, if you regularly feel fatigued, there may be underlying health problems you need to address, or changes you may need to make to your lifestyle to help combat the problem. 

Fortunately, there are many simple ways to boost your energy levels and recapture your zest for life. Exercise and diet, getting plenty of sleep and reducing stress can all go a long way toward beating fatigue and regaining your energy.

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How do I get more energy?  

When it comes to boosting your energy levels, if you don’t have any underlying health problems, then your diet is a good place to start.
Cutting out simple carbs, saturated fats and processed food and instead eating more fruit, vegetables and wholegrain foods will help your body convert more of your calories into the energy you need to take on each day.

Combining it with exercise can help supercharge your metabolism so you burn fat, boost your heart function and release more of the hormones your body needs to feel happy and healthy the natural way.
Lily & Loaf’s energy supplements for adults provide a good way of complementing your diet and exercise plan to make sure your body gets the energy it needs.

They’re packed with natural, healthy ingredients to help your body fight tiredness, anxiety and fatigue, leaving you brimming with energy and feeling happier and healthier. 

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