Pets Joints

Regular physical activities such as jumping and climbing can place excessive strain on your pet’s joints over time. Our natural Nutri-Pets supplements can help strengthen its joints.

Strengthen your pet’s joints

Cats and dogs love the outdoors.

They love running around, jumping, chasing and following their natural instincts.

However, the more active they are, the more pressure this will place on their muscles, bones and joints.

Over time, this increased strain can lead to longer-term health implications for your furry friend, affecting its stability and mobility.  
It could lead to difficulties with common activities, such as playing, walking and climbing, all of which could also have an impact on its overall physical health and its mental and emotional wellbeing.

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The importance of joint strength for pets 

Your pet’s structural system serves the same purpose as your own.
Bones provide stability, muscles provide movement and joints connect the two.

You’ll know for yourself that if you put excessive strain on any of your joints, it can lead to problems. The same goes for your pet.
Exercise, particularly high-impact activities like climbing and jumping, can have a big effect on your pet’s joints.

Over time, this can lead to degenerative conditions like arthritis or cruciate ligament damage, both of which can limit the full range of movement the affected joint is responsible for.

This will not only cause your pet pain, but over time will get worse, meaning your pet will become less physically active, which could lead to other health problems.

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How can I strengthen my pet’s joints?  

Unfortunately, your pet’s joints will naturally degenerate as your furry friend gets older.

However, making sure it gets plenty of exercise and eats well can help strengthen its joints and slow the ageing process, so it can enjoy a good quality of life, even in later years.

Some vital vitamins and nutrients, including glucosamine and chondroitin, can help to promote healthy joint development, slow the onset of animal arthritis and ease its symptoms.

MSM, curcumin and hyaluronic acid, meanwhile, promote healthy and free moving joints in ageing pets.

If you want to ensure your pet is getting these vital nutrients and more, Lily & Loaf can help.

Our natural Nutri-Pets supplements have been designed to target a wide range of pet-related health issues, including joint development, to help your furry friends live an active, happy and healthy life by your side.

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Nutri-Pets Joint Support for Dogs (120 tablets)

Powerful formulation that promotes healthy and free moving joints in ageing dogs and supports strong joints in young, growing pups.

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