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Omega fatty acids are essential nutrients with a wide range of health benefits for animals. We can help ensure your cat or dog gets the daily dose of Omegas it needs to stay happy and healthy.

Omega supplements for pets

Whether you’re human or animal, Omega fatty acids are essential nutrients with a wide range of health benefits.

For your pet, Omegas help to promote the healthy development and function of its heart, brain, joints, muscles, skin and coat. They can also strengthen your pet’s nervous and immune systems, helping it stay calm and relaxed while building its natural resilience to illness and infection.

Omegas, however, can be hard to give to your pet through its diet alone.
They are found mainly in oily fish, raw meats, eggs and dairy products, most of which don’t form a part of your pet’s natural diet.  

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The importance of Omegas for pets 

Omegas are called ‘essential’ fatty acids because the body, whether human or animal, cannot produce them by itself, which means they must be digested and absorbed from food instead.

They serve a host of vital functions, including keeping your pet’s heart and circulatory system healthy, aiding the normal development of bones, joints and muscles and improving brain function.

They can also help improve the condition of your pet’s skin and coat, boost its immunity to allergens and irritants, and reduce itchiness, dandruff and moulting.

However, unless you are buying specially formulated food for your pets, most standard pet foods don’t contain sufficient Omegas to have any real health benefits.

In fact, this deficiency could lead to long-term health implications for your pet if it is not addressed.

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How can I ensure my pets get enough Omegas?   

Because your pet can’t manufacture Omegas for itself, it needs to get its recommended daily intake through its diet.

Serving it a more human diet of fresh fish, raw meat and eggs, is not recommended as it can lead to weight gain and other health problems. So, the chances are, you will need to complement shop-bought pet food with nutritional supplements to give your pet its daily allowance of Omegas. 

Lily & Loaf’s Nutri-Pets Omega 369 is a high strength, premium quality fish oil complex for cats and dogs that delivers all the Omegas they need, along with Vitamin E, a vital antioxidant that helps protect your pet’s cells from oxidative stress.

Our range of natural Nutri-Pets supplements have been designed to target a wide range of pet-related health issues to help your furry friends live an active, happy and healthy life by your side.

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Nutri-Pets Omega 369 (120 1,000mg tablets)

A premium quality formulation that can be eaten whole or mixed with food, for healthy skin, shiny coat and strong joints.

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